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  1. One guest I'd like to see - Sirius Black, I just want to hear his marvels at how he and the other Marauders pranked around, and how did they decide their nicknames. He'll be fun talking too. Gift - A book which shows a different story each time I open it. (I'd love it for sure!) Decors - Miniature model of Hogwarts, with small witches and wizards zooming around it with broomsticks. Food - Coffee, Corn Pizza, and some Chocolate cake! 1 point and 10 diamonds to Rose!
  2. Oh, and one more thing, I'd also do the graphic for the Gryffindor Report.
  3. I'd like to do an article on how to use your time during a pandemic like COVID-19, when you're alone. And a graphic to go with it. And a 20-line poem on Spring's beauty.
  4. Hello! Today, I've got a question for you all. The answer will seem nonsense at first when I tell you - but it's funny.

    Each one who answers correct

     will get 10 beans from me. Please include a small description of why you chose this as your answer.

    "How many Hogwarts students will be needed to simply replace a light bulb?"


    You can PM me here at this forum or on HOL. I'll release the answer 2 days after now.

    Also, Happy Diwali!:)

    1. Rose Pottermore

      Rose Pottermore

      The people who are sending 'none' as an answer, just what if they had to do it in a muggle housing? Just if they had too! Good logic, I'm impressed, but no, the answer is not 0.

    2. Rose Pottermore

      Rose Pottermore

      Just one day left!

    3. Rose Pottermore

      Rose Pottermore

      No one from any houses was actually correct. I'll send 10 beans to everyone who participated. The answer is 6. Prof. Tarma Black and Prof. Felicia Hartwick, your answer weren't correct, but I liked them.


      Any Hogwarts student would not replace a bulb for fun. I didn't say the bulb had a fault, nor it was broken. From the book Hogwarts, 1 Slytherin to break the bulb.

      1 Gryffindor to volunteer to climb up a ladder to replace the bulb.

      3 Hufflepuffs to hold the ladder firmly to ensure the Gryffindor's safety.

      After all, 1 Ravenclaw to point out that they could just have simply used magic!


      I'm going in hiding for a few days after this answer.

  5. I would like the Invisibility Cloak. The wand will be no use for me - I already have one and I like it. I do not believe in the ressurection stone, the middle brother died because of it. The cloak of Invisibility, it's just perfect. I can go anywhere I wish, without anyone finding out about it!
  6. Hi! I am Rose Pottermore. I like reading, cooking, sketching, singing and dancing. I have a good experience Bharatnatyam, that's an Indian classical dance. And I sketch, draw mandalas, figures etc. Looking for friends! Have A Nice Day!
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