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  1. I would like 100 diamonds please! 1 gift recorded!
  2. Guests Prof. Snape Prof. Slughorn Prof. Trelawney Prof. Sprout Decor Reindeers Christmas hats Christmas socks Candles Christmas tree Food Salmon Spaghetti Coleslaw Tacos Carrot Cake Raffle Draw Gifts 100 diamonds cook book pet chocolate wand invisibility cloak Added to the list for claiming!
  3. My guest: I would invite Luna Lovegood and talk to her about mystical creatures! Gift: I would love to get a proper cook book! Decoration: I want to see some fake (or real!) reindeer here and there! Food: Spaghetti, tacos and any cake! 1 point and 10 diamonds to Harry!
  4. I am going to do this task the same way Louis did, by making a list. There are certain things that I am grateful for. Those are: my favourite bands - Queen, Coldplay, Pink Floyd my favourite writer - Stephen King my make up bag my favourite pillow internet HOL Website Treadmill hair dressers cook books Math science trains phone headphones/earphones coffee tea oranges YouTube music Netflix Blaze TV BBC Channel 4 And that's all I can think of for now!
  5. My choice for this week's topic is my hometown - London in Canada! I know it may sound weird however this really exists! Again...because of covid I haven't been there for a while now however potentially I am going to go there next year. My parents still live there and I absolutely love how close it is to the border with the USA! In London there are tones of beautiful parks and we also have lovely neighborhoods and lakes! There is also diversity so you can meet people from variety of backgrounds, who speak in different languages!
  6. I decided to go with the Invisibility cloak. Ever since I have watched Harry Potter I wanted that cloak. In my opinion this is the coolest thing ever! I don't like surprises so I think the cloak would allow me to secretly see what gifts I will get for Christmas etc!
  7. Hi there Friar! I have enjoyed my classes so far (I am doing 5 of them - A Beginner's Guide to Villainy, Ancient Civilizations, Astrology and Harry Potter, Magical Numbers, Muggle Studies for Beginners) and I am up to date with all homework! I also enjoyed Huffleween! It was not only a great fun which was much needed due to lack of trick or treating here in the UK, but a great opportunity to earn some diamonds. I am super proud that I managed to get the reward and earn all diamonds available. Also, I am supper happy because so far I have earned the most diamonds in HOL(1,589)! 10
  8. First of all I want to thank both @Prof. Tarma Amelia Blackand my husband @Louis Walles for mentioning me in their posts! As I have expected Louis doing something as such (), I haven't thought Tarma would choose me for her post! Thank you so much, it means a lot to me that both Louis and I have found such a welcoming, loving and friendly community! I am thankful for meeting you Tarma because you are truly a great Sett Member, an excellent Professor and you are always friendly and helpful! (You have such a cute dog btw ). I am also grateful for having @Louis Walles in my life! I am
  9. Thank you? 405 Diamonds? Wow! Can’t believe I won so many!
  10. My love for pumpkin is so great,my heart melts for it 'til the dusk of day.The night smiles when it's away,carved, loved 'til day's dawn.Its beauty is great,Wondering mind 'til it sees,being is all I do,While waiting for the moment, for it to say "I do." Halloween pumpkin A dark, pleasant orange smile the mysterious love fruit My love for pumpkin is so great.
  11. Sunny autumn park A shallow, pleasant pond looks in spite of the leaf Ablaze autumn park before mysterious looks whilst waiting for dark Meandering thoughts Surprisingly dark windy whilst enjoying the cold evenings
  12. I live by the Park which used to be an estate of a British politician Edward Wardour. The park and the house are dated to 1600's but currently the place is used as a park rather than an estate. The place is truly beautiful, full of trees and nature. In addition, it has a lake with a waterfall, bridges and wild life (goose, ducks, swans, turtles etc.) The park has many different types of tree which can be found everywhere such as sycamore tree or oak tree. The park has some leftovers from it's original purpose such as a beautiful house surrounded with statues. My family and I try to go there as
  13. I agree with Louis on that one. Robert is more recognizable as Edward Cullen, a vampire who truly loves Bella and lives in Forks. I have to admit tho that I believe his role as Cedric shows his acting skills from a slightly different light. Its worth remembering that Harry Potter was actually his first actual movie ever (beforehand he played in Sword of Xanten and Vanity Fair). Therefore, it is understandable that his acting was not perfect but still is was very good. His role as Edward, however, had been better because he had more experience with acting and portraying characters who are going
  14. Oh yes I agree! My luck has its limits too! Although, I won couple of competitions before - I lost waaay more of them. The 'high death rate' rule is not the most comfortable idea for me. I usually am a coward, I prefer to chill out and hide rather than go out and fight. So I would never ever even go near the Goblet because I might get some stupid courage and be like 'hey why not' and then I would be force to hide under the ground and pray no one would find me! So, no. Definitely no. Although it's a bit tempting. But no lol
  15. I agree with Louis. I also found all the romantic stuff a bit funny. Although I love romantic movies, I think that certain things were a bit 'too much'. It was so bad sometimes where it got to the point I thought the whole thing is so fake. Another thing which was funny is the whole thing about Vampires shining. I mean c'mon. If you choose to make your characters shine - then go ahead. But stick up to the idea! Which they didn't. I mean sometimes they did, of course. But not all the time, which was a bit confusing. Also, I found Jacob pretty hilarious. Sweet - he liked Bella. But it sounded a
  16. I agree with Louis and Carrie on this one. I have forgotten he was in the movie before this month's challenge. I decided to read and watch scenes with him in Harry Potter and this allowed me to come to the conclusion how amazing character he was. He clearly showed how humble Harry Potter is and how evil can Voldemort be. It was a great to see how his character changed the movie, it showed a real side of all characters. In terms of his personality, I really liked him. He seemed a bit odd at the beginning but then when he opened up, I realised how nice and kind he was. He was a true hero that sh
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