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  1. The last movie I have watched was a documentary movie about dinosaurs. It was a video on YouTube, and the quality of this video is was pretty alright. I watched the movie with my son Adi, who loves dinosaurs as much as @Louis Wallesdoes! The movie was a well animated movie about the last moments of the lives of dinosaurs. It was a great documentary and it was very interesting to learn more about the world of dinosaurs, and how they have tried to survive, but as we know, they failed to do so. The movie also went into a bit of detail about the lives of the mammals, and how they evolved into what
  2. Two new activties posted today! Hope you are going to enjoy them! :goldstar::cheer:

    The Dorms: Mini Monthly List (50 diamonds possible to earn!)

    The Fireside: The Musical Wizards (100 diamonds possible to earn!)



  3. This month's musical superstar is one of the most famous bands in the world - Queen. Queen is a rock band, from London (Great Britain), and was formed in 1970. The original band's members were Freddie Mercury (05/04/1946 - 24/11/1991) - lead singer, Brian May (19/07/1947) - guitarist, Roger Taylor (26/07/1949) - drummer, and John Deacon (19/08/1951) - bass guitarist. After the death of Freddie, Deacon, Taylor and May continued to perform as a band until 1997, when John decided to leave the band, as he felt it was no longer the same thing without Freddie. The duet continued to sear
  4. Hi everyone and welcome to The Musical Wizards! This is a musical activity, which will always be due on the last day of the month. Each month will focus on a different artist/band, and will consist of 4 tasks worth 25 diamonds each, so you can get up to 100 diamonds each month! If for accessibility reasons you can't complete any of the activities, please just let me know and an alternative can be worked out – we might give you something to research and write up about, but we will come up with an alternative!
  5. For discussion one I mentioned my son's friend. So I thought I could also brag about my daughter to make it even! My daughter actively participates in various charity events. There were many actions she decided to take part in. She recently decided to join two different walking challenges. The distances she has to walk around 300k in March. She decided to join events because in her opinion this was an easy and fun way of helping other people. She managed to persuade Louis to join the activity, so they could spend more time together. She is a truly amazing young woman.
  6. My son Simon is an extremely sensitive and kind boy. When he found out that in our building lives a boy, who is terrified of others. When he was younger he survived a fire, but he ended up partially bruised on his face. As you can figure it out, a lot of kids were making fun of him so he became extremely scared of any people, not leaving his home or talking to other people. Simon decided to make sure this boy will be more open, and was so determined to get him out of the house. They became friends despite of long difficulties. It was amazing to see how happy this boy is because of their friend
  7. It is very interesting to read all your stories about friendships or love stories! I personally wanted to write about my son too, but @Louis Walleshappened to be first with this story! Because this story is taken, I decided to write a short analysis of how Covid improved my relationship. Before lockdown, I was very busy and always out of home. So was Louis and our children, which resulted in us spending more time apart than together. Due to Covid we have started spending more and more time together. HOL is also another thing which we always do together!
  8. For this one, I have to brag a bit about my children! When the UK got into lockdown (again) my children decided that they are way too bored to sit at home and do absolutely nothing. They decided it would be a cool idea to go door-to-door and ask neighbours whether they need any help with anything. Sadly, none of them opened the doors for them. However, my kids decided they will not give up. The next morning, they were ready! They prepared posters and leaflets and thought about sticking them into other people’s doors. I was personally not happy about it because I didn’t want them to be unsafe,
  9. Ever since watching the Harry Potter movies I always wanted to have a Phoenix! There are many reasons why i would love to keep one! First of all, it has healing powers, which is super cool on its own. The second reason is that they are truly beautiful, and just like Prof. Dumbledore said, fascinating creatures. Their personality seems wonderful! They are loyal, calm and very proud birds. Another reason is that they live forever. Phoenix turns to ash and then it comes back alive. This would be great for me as I easily get attached and so this talent would make me able to keep him/her forever!
  10. How can anyone like Thunderstorms??! They are literally lasers but not human made! You can literally die by being hit by it or leaving your electrical devices plugged in during the thunderstorm! I always had nightmares about them and I will never stop! Luckily, my husband is a rather creative type! He has tones of bedtime stories about thunderstorms which make them look less scary! He loves mythology so he often plots some of the themes into them! Tones of battle stories. I have to admit though. Thunderstorms are indeed beautiful but I still can’t shake the feeling of fear whenever a thunde
  11. I am unsure whether there is any waterfall around where I live. I would love to see a waterfall near my house, especially in the park as I believe it would really add to the panorama of the park! Maybe a little waterfall by the lake? It is funny but I don’t recall seeing any waterfall in real life! I have mostly seen waterfalls in the TV but not in real life! Most of the times I just saw lakes or rivers but never a waterfall. It’s a pity though, I really want to see one! Maybe next year I will spend some more money and go see one!
  12. I am originally from Canada, and where I used to live, every winter we had so much snow that most schools were closed for more than two weeks. All that time my sister and I used to spend outside and building castles out of the snow (and pretend we are princesses, which is a rather interesting activity for a 9 year old boy). Now I live in London, where snow is rather rare and most people get so excited over 4cm snow (yup, when it was 10cm snow outside they closed the schools which for my Canadian soul was ridiculous! Great but ridiculous.). Therefore, I try to enjoy every bit of snow here and t
  13. I have mixed feelings about water. When I was a child I was terrified of it because I couldn’t swim and almost drowned couple of times. When I first met @Louis WallesI didn’t know that at some point of his life he used to a lifeguard at the local pool. It took me some time but he finally managed to persuade me to trust him enough to teach me how to swim. Although I am not an excellent swimmer, I learnt how to like water rather than be terrified of it. Despite this, I love seas and oceans. Going to the beach it’s one of my favourite things to do during summer holiday!
  14. I am an Aquarius so I am truly a man of a party! I also love Christmas so this is adding to my excitement towards the event! As for what I am going to wear a nice white shirt with a purple tie (I know @Louis Walleshas a purple shirt so lets match!!)! The decorations look amazing! 1 point and 10 diamonds to Harry!
  15. I decided to put them from what my favourite dishes first to least favourite. hot chocolate porridge ice mice yorkshire pudding cauldron cake jelly slug butterbeer roast potato treacle tart roast beef 1 point and 10 diamonds to Harry!
  16. To be honest, I was pretty happy about my 2020. Most people are rather depressed and negative about it, however I don't see it that way. For sure it had negative things, most obviously Covid19 which took lives of so many people. Personally, however, I enjoyed this year. I have been working from home since March 2020. At first, I hated the idea of creating a small office in my bedroom but quickly fell in love with it. I realized how much I love working from home, and how I don't want to go back to my actual office. I found it waaaay more helpful to balance my work and family lives, going to the
  17. I agree with Louis! Wilbur should have the opportunity to choose his gift! Maybe he has some crazy hobbies, which we don't know about? 1 point and 10 diamonds to Harry!
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