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  1. Please check this month’s Musical Wizards for an important update!

  2. As promised, The Musical Wizards are BACK! Check out the Fireplace NOW!

  3. PML and Creative Club just got an update! TMW are going to get an update later on (today or tomorrow).

  4. The Musical Wizards are back too! Check it out in the Fireplace!

  5. Prefect Monthly List is here! Check it out in the Dorms!


  7. It's been a busy month for me! RL work hit me hard! Creative club and TMW will get an update later today!

  8. The Musical Wizards are on time this month! haha

  9. I was thinking of creating a new class... I have no idea when I find some time but I am motivated 

    1. Ailee Aria

      Ailee Aria

      How about making a class about famous quotes or making a Musical Wizards class to take the club further?

    2. Harry Walles

      Harry Walles

      Hi @Ailee! I love the idea about the Musical Wizards! I may make one for the next year (as I have created a nice one already but it's a surprise!). Maybe make it a full year class? Who knows. There are so many different topics to choose from!

  10. Christmas Special in the Creative Club everyone!

    1. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      :dance:   Christmas Special time!   :cheer:  

  11. EVERYONE!  THE BEATLES ARRIVED AT HOL! Meet them in the Fireplace!

  12. Prefect Monthly List is now available in the Dorms!

  13. The Musical Wizards have finally arrived in the Fireplace! Check it out!

  14. Musical Wizards are back in the Fireplace!

  15. A new regular activity - Wizarding Jigsaw Challenge is available in the Creative Club!

  16. Musical Wizards returning very VERY soon!

  17. Mini Monthly List and the Creative Club are up and running! Check them out!

  18. Week 2 for the Wonders is live! Go and check it out!:D

  19. I was busy with moving buuut Musical Wizards just got an update so go and check it out!

  20. Did someone say Mini Monthly List on the 1st June? :blink: Yes, indeed! :D Check out the Dorms!

  21. To all Musical Wizards...who wants to learn more about Adele?? Check out the Fireplace!

  22. Remember - Creatures of Hogwarts ends today at 11:59pm!


  23. The last week of Creatures of Hogwarts is now available! Go and learn more about Slytherin!

  24. Musical Wizards: Weeks 3 & 4 are live now! :D 


  25. Creatures of Hogwarts: week 3 on Gryffindor is available now!

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