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  1. Want to shoot grateful/loving propts to Louis as well for his lovely share. <3 I'd like to post in Thankful Gratitude toward my Partner as well. When I write about him on IRC I try to be mindful of calling him "Wil" so that it doesn't Ping our lovely and formidable Mister Lestrange. However, the person I'm referring to is actually my fiance. We got engaged this past Christmas. Originally planned to get married over 10/10/2020, but that very quickly got postponed. Life with me and WIll (again, not Will Lestrange, however much of a crush I may have on him as well) has been an interesting journey over the years. When we met, I had just moved into my sister's home to nanny for her children for the summer, and my now Fiance was living with a roommate about a hour or so south of us. We spent most weekends together when we could. Then, a few months in, (once I was finishing up what was needed of me at my Sister's) I moved into his home for a month with the roommate/landlord he had at the time. At that point, since I didn't have an apartment of my own in Maine again yet, I had been planning on spending some time in Virgina where my Mother lives, so spent about the next 6mo in Alexandria. Will visited, considering moving if need be. Even more than once. In some ways we wondered if we perhaps might wind up in those parts. That being said, that just wasn't 'for him' and he decided to go live at his own mother's home in Maine before I was able to find an apartment together in the home state and transition back to Vacation Land. Our first year living together was... interesting. The first few weeks in particular basically consisted of us staring at each other while drinking coffee without any furniture or decorative, given that all our stuff was dispersed around a number of places not so near to that home. The second month was probably the worst part, if you check off the number of times we were at each other's throats. This apartment became very close to our hearts in a lot of ways, but most importantly it didn't offer us much in the way of successful location alternatives, and our landlord just so happened to be kinda... awful. Next, we lived for the summer/early fall of our second year at a location that was perfectly beautiful in so many ways, yet similarly didn't offer us very much longevity. Will was the Front of House Manager for a restaurant that we lived on-site for (called "The Barn") in a gorgeous upstairs apartment of an old house that reminded me of the home I grew up in with my four siblings. Sadly, we didn't feel like we had much say in the space, and he got burnt-out on being underappreciated for that job/position, so it wasn't all that sad when our dreams came true in the beginning of 2020. Me and My Partner had teamed up with My Mom to buy a new space for all of us. What would someday become her Maine space after moving home from Virginia at some point down the line. Neither me or Will would have been able to acquire a space like this withoiut a little help, and my Mom has been saying for years that she'd love to start putting a little time, energy, and money into having a home back in Maine for when she decides to retire. This became the perfect fit when me and Will were hoping to find a long-term home together, and my Mom (who doesn't plan to move back home to Maine anytime soon) wanted to start making sure she had a space to land if/when she ever visits or decided to move back to the state. If you had asked me or Will last year, two years ago, or (God forbid) three years ago, I don't think either one of us would have imagined how lucky we would have become in making it this far together. Not to mention having the blessings we have as a couple. We are both fairly dramatic/floater-style "gypsies" who are always onto the next thing and always letting go of what came behind. The fact that we've been able to last for the last few years at all is a huge gift in my mind, yet it also speaks to the ways we've been able to overcome certain challenges and fears.
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