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  1. Invisibility Cloak is the one for me. I can go anywhere unnoticed and hide myself and some other personal things with it. I don't need the resurrection stone because you'd be better off accepting the deaths of your loved ones instead of constantly talking to someone that is no longer in your world reminding yourself that they are gone. I don't need the Elder Wand because that would make me very powerful with trying an that is unfair to others. (Also I haven't learnt how to cast spells yet.)
  2. Kneazle + Pixie - Unicorn 12 Imp 9 Crup 10 Fwooper 10 Gnome 10 Hungarian Horntail 10 Kneazle 12 Leprechaun 10 Puffskein 10 Mooncalf 11 Glumbumble 9 Acromantula 10 Mandrake 10 Billywig 10 Fairy 11 Kelpie 13 Troll 5 Centaur 10 Pixie 9 Basilisk 9
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