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  1. MARCIE! Happy birthday! Hope you have a good one, you hero!
  2. I found an online site (CLICK HERE) full of coloring pages on the theme "Still Life". Similar to some instances where we feel life is dull and grey, let us add color and meaning to one of the coloring pages and post them here in this thread. You may also explain why you chose your coloring page design. You have until April 30, 11:59 PM HOL time to post the colorful creations here for 25 diamonds.
  3. For the third week of the Wonders of Love activity, we will explore the people and things that bring meaning to your life. Life is a series of everyday of us living. There are times that we feel its meaning. Other days, we feel nothing of it. What could be the factors or considerations why we feel so? Reply in this thread in a minimum of 100 words the first few things you think about to earn 25 diamonds. You have until April 30, 11:59 PM HOL time to accomplish this.
  4. This week, we will further tackle love through acrostics. What is acrostics, you say? According to an online website (CLICK HERE!), acrostic is a "piece of writing in which a particular set of letters - typically the first letter of each line, word, or paragraph - spells out a word or phrase with special significance to the text. Acrostics are most commonly written as a form of poetry, but they can also be found in prose or used as word puzzles." A challenge for you, should you take it, is to make an acrostics of your HOL first name, signifying one of the people or things that you cannot live without. For example, mine would be: Sitting with my family and friends Interacting with them Recalling past memories Internally peaceful Ultimately feeling happy Smiling Post your acrostics below on or before April 30, 11:59 PM HOL time, to earn 25 diamonds. Have fun!
  5. There are several anything or anyone that we cannot live without. In addition to scientific answers such as the air that we breathe, the ground that we step in, the planet perfect for us to live in, an article online (CLICK HERE) identifies six things we cannot live without in the 21st century such as food, drinking water and sanitation, healthcare, shelter, education, and access to information. Aside from the physical and social needs mentioned in the sentence above, we also have personal needs we need to address to live in peace and comfort. I found an online quiz (CLICK HERE) that may or may not determine this personal need of yours. But this can provide a venue for reflection on what we can and/or cannot live without. For 25 diamonds, reply in this thread the result of the online quiz and what you think of it. Do you agree with the result? Personally, what are the people or things or anything that you cannot live without? You have until April 30, 11:59 PM HOL time, to post your reply, minimum of 100 words.
  6. Welcome to the month where we finally talk about the wonders of love! Love is everything around us, from the smallest to the biggest acts, memories, people, things, and places we cherish. For the whole month of April, we will tackle about different aspects of love. In the end, we hope to make this notion clearer to all of us, that we may identify who or what we love. Cheesy, right?! HA!
  7. Belated happy birthday, Jessica! Hope you had a great one. *nods*
  8. Happy Birthday, Amy! Hope you have a magical one.
  9. Happy birthday, Asky! Good to know that you have a lovely one.
  10. Oh, it is your birthday! Belated happy birthday, Rose! Hope you had a great one.
  11. Hmm, with regards to birds, or flying, I often dreamt when I was young that I was flying. Sometimes, it is the worry-free sensation of just flying and floating on the clouds. Sometimes, it is a worrisome chase. Lately, my interaction would be those few moments when I am fortunate enough to see them when I look up the sky. Somehow, they bring me sense of hope and they lighten my mood. Nowadays, I ride the bicycle around the area where I live in. There's a house with a parrot inside. The parrot would shout words like 'ugly' (in our language) or a complimenting word like 'morning'. Either way, a result is a smile in my face. I am not one who would take birds as pets but I appreciate them.
  12. Hey there, Fat Friar! I would just like to greet you and everyone a very Huffie HOLidays! Spending time with loved ones is one of the messages of the holidays so it is thrilling that I get to spend them with you and the rest of HOL people. *nods* I am looking forward to more activities, tasks, homework, among many others. Cheers to that. P.S. Oh yeah, been also helping Wilbur with his dilemma. No worries, everyone is here to help him. 10 diamonds to Sirius!
  13. Happy Birthday, Fels! Below are from the Kitchens! Enjoy your day! Note: Image from the internet. I do not own the image. LINK HERE
  14. Always be yourself and let the world show the amazing person you are, Sirius! Sending love and smiles on your way for the day :D

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    2. Sirius Fudge

      Sirius Fudge

      Tarma, nothing brought this on. :P You are greater, though. 

    3. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      .... I notice you don't say greater 'what'.  :lol:

    4. Carrie Warts

      Carrie Warts

      hahaha he picked my week 2 present :) which was a shower (2 a week) of best wishes until xmas.

      and you are the best, Tarma, you know it B) 

  15. Thank you Fels and Tarma for an awesome activity! And for the diamonds and the shinies!
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