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  1. I've received guesses from: Mia Fountain February Fortescue Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Who else?
  2. Hello! For this month, we will be playing Guessing Game. How does it work? I went to a random number generator website and generated the number to be guessed for this week. For the first week, the number generated can be from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 500. Submit your guesses to me in a Sett PM titled "Guessing Game Week 1". You can only guess up to 3 times. The deadline of the guesses is on December 7, 11:59 PM HOL time. For the diamonds, you get 10 diamonds for participating. The participant closest to the number gets to earn 15 more diamonds, the second close
  3. And just like that, the last game is done! \o/ We have a winner, Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis! Her list included 39 4-letter words, 18 5-letter words, 7 6-letter words, 7 7-letter words, and 2 8-letter words for a total score of 134! Congrats, Scarlet! And with two wins, she can also earn the title Boggle Master until the next time it is played. Kudos to the following ladies for giving a very interesting month of Boggle. Diamonds are earned by the following: February Fortescue - 10 Mia Fountain - 10 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 25 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
  4. Less than one day to go for the last game of the month.
  5. Neville Longbottom + Bellatrix Lestrange - Harry Potter 10 Hermione Granger 10 Draco Malfoy 10 Fred Weasley 10 George Weasley 10 Lord Voldemort 10 Fleur Delacourt 10 Cedric Diggory 10 Severus Snape 11 Bellatrix Lestrange 8 Seamus Finnigan 10 Rubeus Hagrid 10 Albus Dumbledore 10 Luna Lovegood 10 Neville Longbottom 11 Sirius Black 10 Ginny Weasley 10 Vincent Crabbe 10 Lavender Brown 10 MadEye Moody 10
  6. February Fortescue already submitted her list. Who is next? Mia Fountain is next. Who else? Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, too. And Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis!
  7. Wow! That was an intense game! It was so intense that the winner is decided by 8 points only. *nods* The Slytherins are dominating Boggle as February Fortescue edged Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis for her first win with 157 points. She had done it with 4 4-letter words, 18 5-letter words, 12 6-letter words, 12 7-letter words, 4 8-letter words, 1 9-letter word, and 1 10-letter word. Congratulations, Feb! Diamonds are earned by the following: February Fortescue - 25 Mia Fountain - 10 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 10 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 10 Now,
  8. Did you read the post in the HOL Forum - Submit to the WT and came here? Congratulations! Welcome to the thread where you can post your ideas for the WT! Just reply to this thread or you can also send them to wizardingtimes[at]gmail.com. Approved ideas will be listed below. Reminder: Deadline for the WT submissions is on December 31, 2020, 11:59 PM HOL time. Approved Ideas Articles/Poems Gryffindor Report - Adaleine Shuster Slytherin Report - February Fortescue Spending Time - Rose Pottermore Ravenclaw Report -
  9. I will always be thankful to the small island where I grew up. It was a joyful childhood and teenage years, the best kind one could ask for. Of course, there are sorrows, pains, and challenges but it is what it is. All in all, that experience made me who I am today. The mood whenever I go back may not be the same. The roads smaller, less familiar faces. But it will always hold a special place in my heart. I particularly want to visit the pier and watch the sunrise, or sunset, or even just the big moon lighting the sea.
  10. Less than two days to go before the deadline.
  11. Well done, oh Editor of the Wizarding Times.

    Thank you.  :high5:

    1. Sirius Fudge

      Sirius Fudge

      Shhh. Well done to all of us! 

    2. February Fortescue

      February Fortescue

      WT looks wonderful! :wub: 

  12. Hufflepuffs and HOLers alike, click HERE for the first issue of the Wizarding Times this year. We hope you enjoy it! *also leaves some cookies and butterbe, err, glasses of pumpkin juice for everyone to enjoy* P.S. You can also access the WT by clicking the 'Wizarding Times' link at the upper left part of the Sett.
  13. Mia Fountain already sent in her list. Who is next? February Fortescue is next! Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
  14. Wow, that was a more intense one than the first game! Congratulations to Fels for giving it all in this one, scoring 160 points: 50 4-letter words, 34 5-letter words, 10 6-letter words, and 3 7-letter words. However, the other four participants have small gaps in their scores, with February and Mia taking the second and third places, respectively. *nods* Congratulations to everyone! The following earn diamonds: February Fortescue - 10 Mia Fountain - 10 Prof. Felicia Hartwick - 25 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 10 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 10 Now, for
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