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  1. Happy Birthday, Amy! Hope you have a magical one.
  2. Did you read the post in the HOL Forum - Submit to the WT and came here? Congratulations! Welcome to the thread where you can post your ideas for the WT! Just reply to this thread or you can also send them to wizardingtimes[at]gmail.com. Approved ideas will be listed below. Reminder: Deadline for the WT submissions is on March 8, 2020, 11:59 PM HOL time. Articles: Slytherin Update - February Fortescue Gryffindor Update - Adaleine Shuster The Burrow Article - Aurelia West Graphics: Slytherin Update - February Fort
  3. After spending January in the WTeam room (and relentlessly poking a "few" people, THANK YOU!), it is with great honor to present you the second issue of WT for the year. Happy reading! GET YOUR COPY HERE!
  4. Happy birthday, Asky! Good to know that you have a lovely one.
  5. Welcome to another edition of the HOL Show of Hands! Support your favorite Harry Potter book here. Discuss and rally vote for your favorite book!
  6. Sorry for the lateness of this post. But this one is worth the wait. *nods* Below is the right number. The last game is a story of comebacks. Yes, you read it right. It was a tight fight for second place as Prof. Will who guessed 899 (with a difference of 20) outplaced Mia who guessed 897 (difference of 22). It was Mia's first time on the podium, in third place. Prof. Will maintained his record of podium places, in second place. The winner of the last game is February! She guessed 927, a difference of 8. Wow! And it was also her first time in the top three as she earned
  7. I'd like to claim the following food: Butterbeer Popcorn for Berley Bey Golden Snitch Peanut Butter Balls for Jessica Barnes Coffee (a lot) for Kendra Givens Cupcakes for Lorainia Riverrider Chocolate Gateau for Rose Pottermore Blueberry Cheesecake for Ruby Granger Ice Cream for Silvana Mandeville 7 food recorded!
  8. Oh, it is your birthday! Belated happy birthday, Rose! Hope you had a great one.
  9. No snow in our place. But a bit of wind and clouds and sun here and there. Happy holidays, everyone!
  10. Hmm, with regards to birds, or flying, I often dreamt when I was young that I was flying. Sometimes, it is the worry-free sensation of just flying and floating on the clouds. Sometimes, it is a worrisome chase. Lately, my interaction would be those few moments when I am fortunate enough to see them when I look up the sky. Somehow, they bring me sense of hope and they lighten my mood. Nowadays, I ride the bicycle around the area where I live in. There's a house with a parrot inside. The parrot would shout words like 'ugly' (in our language) or a complimenting word like 'morning'. Either way, a
  11. Hey there, Fat Friar! I would just like to greet you and everyone a very Huffie HOLidays! Spending time with loved ones is one of the messages of the holidays so it is thrilling that I get to spend them with you and the rest of HOL people. *nods* I am looking forward to more activities, tasks, homework, among many others. Cheers to that. P.S. Oh yeah, been also helping Wilbur with his dilemma. No worries, everyone is here to help him. 10 diamonds to Sirius!
  12. I already received guesses from the following: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black February Fortescue Prof. Will Lestrange Rose Pottermore Who is next? Mia Fountain Scarlett Drake
  13. Merry Christmas Eve to you, too, Jessica! Happy holidays, everyone!
  14. Wow! The tides have turned, not really, for this round. The right number is below. It was a tight race for third place as Prof. Will (who guessed 719, difference of 73) and Mia (who guessed 864, difference of 72) were narrowly outplaced by Scarlett Drake who guessed 723, difference of 69. Another ickle is part of the top 3. Our second placer is Rose Pottermore, who guessed 850, with a difference of 58. And the winner for this game showed a very good comeback, Prof. Tarma, who guessed 825, with a difference of 33. Congrats, Prof. Tarma! Diamonds have been e
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