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  1. The following people have signed up to the forum incorrectly. As instructed, please sign up with your full HOL name, exactly as it is on your student profile and the HOL forum, and use the same email address, or your registration will be denied. This is done to prevent others from signing up as you, so we have to check you before we validate you here. Please only sign up if you have taken the Sorting Hat and are a member of HOL. Thanks. Please note: No account will be approved until after you've validated your email address. Further information can be found here. However, there are a few special things to remember: First of all, you need to sign up with your full HOL name and HOL email address. This is to make sure no one registers as you. So, if your HOL name is Harry Potter, your HOL ID is ha001, and your HOL email address is hazza@thebadgersett.us, then you'd sign up here as Harry Potter with the email address hazza@thebadgersett.us. Simple, huh? All registrations have to have valid email addresses. The forum is set up for a sort of double verification: users verify their email addresses, then the Badger Patrol verifies the account (checking names and addresses and putting you in the proper year). This means that, before a Badger Patroller will approve your registration, you have to click the email verification link in the email you got when you registered. By having this email verification, we know we have a way to contact you that works. If you want to change your HOL address to a valid one, or just a different one, that's okay. Just remember: when you register, the email addresses have to match. *g* I think that about covers it. If everyone registering will follow these rules, it'll make the registration process quick and easy, and the sooner you can get to exploring the Sett!
  2. ===originally posted by Prof. Rorey Padfoot=== Hello all! Welcome to the Sett, and more specifically, the Fireplace! Here are a set of guidelines for you to follow when you want to post anywhere in the Sett. Please note that all HOL rules apply to these boards so that we all can have a fun enjoyable time here! More details of forum rules are available in the HOL handbook section 3.8 (Which I'm sure that everybody has read *G*) - No netspeak allowed please. [E.g. u, mi, wat, bi, r ]. Netspeak is difficult to read and very hard to decipher if English is not your primary language. - No spamming. Spam comes in all shapes and sizes but mostly it's posting useless or pointless posts or even better yet, something that's already been posted and discussed at length. - No house bashing or insulting other members of other houses or even members of your own house. Everybody should respect each other, no matter what house you?re from or how old you are. - Keep your posts G rated. We have people of all ages visiting and posting in the Fireside. - Don't give out personal information about yourself. CONSTANT VIGILANCE! - No advertising of messengers in your posts. Not only can these be easily obtained from your profile [if you choose to put them up]; we are not responsible for the conversation that may happen. - No links in posts unless the links are HOL-links [e.g. The Wizarding Times, Paw Print etc] - Don'tabuse the text size feature. THIS is a little okay if you want to make something stand out but THIS is just a bit too much. (okay a lot too much *giggle*) - Please try and keep your signature to 4 lines of text in your signature [5 or 6 is a little okay, particularly if they're in tiny text, but please do not overdo it] - No images in your post other than your signature and avatar please - Read game/RPG rules before attempting to participate. It makes it easier and more fun to participate! - If a person has misunderstood the game and has posted wrongly, please continue the game with the last correct answer and not the wrong one (unless it's the Wrong Answer Game)*giggle* - No bumping up of game posts. If somebody is late in replying, bumping up the game isn't going to wake the person up. A PM would be more appropriate. A funny little thing called real life sometimes interferes with a person's ability to respond, so try and be patient - No more than 3 smilies in a post. It can be a bit annoying seeing an excess of smilies popping up everywhere in a single post. -All post must contain at least five (5) or more words. This sort of goes along with the spam part. Obviously there are some games that don't fit this rule. In other words, don't post on impulse. Please put some thought into your post and check for errors before you reply to a thread. -Do not start any games thread, if you want to see a particular game started, please send a message Prof. Rorey Padfoot to get permission. -All Harry Potter words, whether spells, names, locations, or magical creatures, should be spelled correctly. http://www.hp-lexicon.org/index-2.html This can help! -When playing games or posting here, they need to be Harry Potter related. This means don't bring people like Goldilocks or Actors/Actress into these fun. Leave them to their own world. *g* Guest at the Sett please read!!! Failure to comply to the above rules will result in various warnings and, if warranted, punishment. We really don't want Professor Hartwick to use her Rake of Pain! If you have any questions, queries, or comments, please feel free to post them here and one of the MOD Squad will get to you with some sort of response. Thank you for taking the time to read the new rules! The Huffle Staff
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