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  1. well day 1 back from Christmas Break and I have complete one class. Like completely completed it!
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  2. Mine is meant to be a blend of Valentines and Mardi Gras, both of which fall in February (this year at least).
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  3. Since today is the start of new classes for us. Have y'all picked your casses? If so what classes and why did you pick them? I'll go first A History Of Things: I had this class the first term and its a full year course. Braille: The Basics: I know sign language and a little bit of Braille so I wanted to learn more. Famous Witches and Wizards History: I wanna learn more about the witches and wizards who are famous in not just the muggle world but also the wizarding world. Plus Merlin! Grindelwald's Crimes: Very interesting topic and wanna learn about who he truly was
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  4. Solve this Fallen Letters puzzle and earn 30 Diamonds! Tarma saw this puzzle and shrieked "this puzzle is EVIL!" Don't let it scare you, it may take a little while to do, but it is not that EVIL (LOL)! Send me your solution in a Sett PM titled Human Kindness - Fallen Letters by the end of February to earn your Diamonds. Wonders happiness quote edit by Tarma - it is evil!
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  5. CREATURE SCAVENGER HUNT And so we start again with some trivia for the Creature Scavenger Hunt. The questions will be a mix of creatures and locations, so you never know which will show up each night. Do not answer here. You will have 23 hours to pm me your answer. For your correct answer you will earn 3 Diamonds. Question 1: Who were the architects who designed Prospect Park in Brooklyn?
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  6. I am so excited for this new term! I have upped my classes to five instead of four this time and I can't wait! I've already done my first lesson for one of my classes!
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  7. Our new Wizarding Times looks beautiful! Thank you Sirius and Cosmo. <3
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