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  1. I would like the Invisibility Cloak. The wand will be no use for me - I already have one and I like it. I do not believe in the ressurection stone, the middle brother died because of it. The cloak of Invisibility, it's just perfect. I can go anywhere I wish, without anyone finding out about it!
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  2. I decided to go with the Invisibility cloak. Ever since I have watched Harry Potter I wanted that cloak. In my opinion this is the coolest thing ever! I don't like surprises so I think the cloak would allow me to secretly see what gifts I will get for Christmas etc!
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  3. Hi there Friar! I have enjoyed my classes so far (I am doing 5 of them - A Beginner's Guide to Villainy, Ancient Civilizations, Astrology and Harry Potter, Magical Numbers, Muggle Studies for Beginners) and I am up to date with all homework! I also enjoyed Huffleween! It was not only a great fun which was much needed due to lack of trick or treating here in the UK, but a great opportunity to earn some diamonds. I am super proud that I managed to get the reward and earn all diamonds available. Also, I am supper happy because so far I have earned the most diamonds in HOL(1,589)! 10
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  4. For this one, I would like to thank for this community, HOL, the people involved, everyone. This site is an escape from the stress of life for most of us. This has been a special community for me. It continuously amazes me how all of us, with different nationalities and backgrounds get to enjoy each other's companies, stories, and games. So, to all of you who are here, thank you from the bottom of my heart, truly.
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